less than auspicious start

It’s going to take me a couple of weeks to get my head round all the gizmos on wordpress, and find the battery charger for my camera (doh), and generally become disciplined enough to keep this up – hmm. Have been meaning to start this for ages – yesterday, however was a less than auspicious start – got up to find I’d run out of tobacco, so left the house having had only a glass of water and an orange for breakfast, then bumped into friends, went to theirs for tea, which turned into soup, then went walkabout until 4ish – came home, fed the cat, had a siesta….kitchen was a pigsty, so didn’t bother to cook – had advocados on toast, another orange and a couple of glasses of fresh lime soda for tea.

Today, however, I have to wait in for workmen – who may or may not turn up, so there’s no excuse not to clean the kitchen and cook something proper.


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