pretty off topic radio rant – tax v subsidy

One of the bad/dangerous things about staying at home wrapped up in bed too ill for jolly pop music is that you end up listening to radio 4 all day (in itself a good thing) and therefore the news (ditto) and therefore the bloody politicians, which is seriously injurious to health and blood pressure….so, re: the bedroom tax/spare room subsidy – which is going to cause misery to thousands whatever you call it…our glorious leader, the smug git, wittered on about how it couldn’t be called ‘the bedroom tax’ based on the definitions of ‘tax’ and ‘subsidy’ – alright then, call it a subsidy….and then maybe we could introduce a ‘bedroom bonus’, where people in overcrowded social housing get a bonus or rebate while they wait for a flat where their teenage girl and boy don’t have to share a box room or how about a ‘bugs and broken bits bonus’ or a ‘repeatedly bodged repair job rebate’.

Off to see if my cupboards hold any herbal ingredients for a suitable tonic, as I have no intention of grossing you out with a recipe for boiled blood. Going to spend today and tomorrow writing up the recipes, and going back and linking and tagging everything – so if I don’t want to make a pig’s ear of it, I’d better switch off the radio and concentrate…..


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