Tuesday was ok and then it went downhill

Got up really early on Tuesday, thought about what I was cooking for the day, what to do with last night’s leftover rice, got things out of the freezer for a big pot of Yau Nam – also the tail end of some bacon rashers – feeling all very bushy tailed and efficient. Don’t normally ‘do’ sweet things for breakfast – or at least I don’t think I do, but maybe I’m in denial 😉 anyway, had a ‘petit déjeuner à la française’ sat outside in the sunshine! – a large bowl of rich dark dark drinking chocolate (posting my cheaper than chips version in recipes), 4 slices of toast with real butter and two oranges – quite full on for 7.30 in the morning, but it made me feel ggggggggggggreat. Had to go out early for a meeting and ended not getting back till just after 1 – had intended to make dirty old rice for lunch, but was so hungry I didn’t have the patience to peel and chop the veg – so wolfed down two toasted muffins with bacon, lettuce and avocado and a tiny coffee. Don’t know if I was so ravenous because my breakfast was all sugary and quick burning carbs – to be fair, 7.30 till 1 is five and a half hours, but still…

Dirty old rice for tea – rice fried with black olive pate (homemade – just cos the stuff in jars can be so randomly good or bad) and sweet marjoram, studded with orange sweet potato, aubergine, red onion, peas and broad beans – pretty as a picture – and a green salad. A glass of wine would have been nice, but made a jug of iced tap water do instead – I’m sooo glad I prefer plain water to squash.

My mate who I haven’t seen for ages txtd me to say she was really poorly with the dreaded lurgy that seems to sweeping the nation ( well, at least east London). As well as (obviously) having total sympathy for her – I had it two weeks ago – I did think ‘oh thank goodness, I’ve already had that’ – HA!….Woke up at 3 on Wednesday morning, shivering, aching, sweating again- you know when it feels painful to even run your finger over your skin? Stumbled downstairs, put the heating on and retreated to the throne in the smallest room for some hours – I finally have something in common with the Queen, but not in a good way.

So Wednesday’s consumption was hot boiled water and savoury tonic tea – looked longingly at the honey and lemons, but no way was I going to feed sugar to the beastly bugs in my belly.

Felt a bit more human by the afternoon, so triple scrubbed and sanitized my hands and proceeded to start the Yau Nam….still just on boiled liquids.

Slightly better on Thursday, went out for a bit in the morning, plain rice porridge (congee or Zhōu, 粥) with ginger and spring onion for lunch and a bowl of yau nam noodle soup for tea and 3 pots of jasmine tea.

Must be improving, cos am finally making sense of how to use this blogsite 🙂


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