3/3/13 to 9/3/13

Last week I bought 6 free range eggs £1(Iceland), 1 head of chinese cabbage £1.20 (China Ark), 3 packs pork bones and 1 of chicken bones £4 (Dewhurst, Stratford), limes(16), avocado (10), red onion, baby plum tomatoes from Whitechapel market, all £1 a bowl/bag – the red onions weighed 3 kilos, reduced 4 pack of little gem lettuce 69p and reduced parsnips 19p from Sainsbury, a bumper bag of unwaxed lemons and 1.5 kilo bag of oranges from Lidl- so about £14.
Yesterday I bought aubergine, garlic and mouli radish from Whitechapel market, all £1 a bowl, a bottle of fizzy water from Sainsburys, 20p, and a bottle of light soy sauce, Pearl River brand from China Ark, £1.75.
If not exactly ‘pop goes the weasel’, my weasel is half popped! At least the garlic and soy will last for some time.
Monday update – 45p on reduced price english muffins – 6 pack
Thursday  – 10p for a piece of ginger about the size of a packet of polos.
Friday reduced bag of winter casserole 39p down from £1.50, and a bottle of wine £4.29


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