lime soda and sugar syrup

lime soda and sugar syrup

orginally Posted on March 5, 2013
so….sunday night’s lime soda

simple syrup is half sugar half water – you literally fill any container (cup, mug, whatever) firstly with sugar and then an equal amount of water and then gently melt them in a pan, and bring to a boil – don’t stir….please don’t stir, because it can go all grainy and crystalline (although this is more of a risk with syrups and bases for caramel with a higher sugar to water ratio)…cool down and bottle. This will last you until it runs out – which depends on how sweet your teeth are. This is what you might see as ‘sirop de gomme’ in bars. It is great to have some on the go, because it means you are much more likely to make your own drinks rather than use pre-bought stuff.

Lime soda is one squeezed yellowy green, thin skinned (like persian or key lime) lime, which are sold for between 12 and 15 per £1 for most of the year on most of the markets around my area – they also freeze well. (The dark green shiny ones in supermarkets have virtually no juice, are covered in wax and cost a bomb.) Cut in half and squeeze into a glass, then press inside out to release some of the oil in the skin, pop into the glass and add (amount to your taste – I usually use a little under a centimetre in a highball glass-) syrup, topped up with ice and plain or fizzy water and stir – obviously ‘soda’ refers to the fizzy version. Will transport you back to Cafe Leopold in Mumbai/Bombay in an instant.;-)

If making soft drinks for you and your family takes your fancy, (it is much cheaper) then it’s a perfect opportunity to surreptitiously cut down their sugar cravings – apparently there are 7 teaspoons of the stuff in a can of coke – and don’t get me started on low calorie sweeteners.

I’ll post more recipes as and when….


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