Recipe for Moroccan egg sandwich.

Per person, 1 still warm hard boiled egg (you want the white hard and the yolk only just solid – the texture of a good gooey chocolate brownie…I boiled my large egg for 6minutes, and then left it sitting in the water for 5)

A dribble of olive oil

Ground cumin

Pinch of salt  

Optional – couple of black olives, the stones taken out and roughly chopped.

White bread

The bread used in Morocco is round and about 2cm deep – tastes like french country bread with added semolina. In London you can usually buy it in Moroccan or Algerian shops. Turkish pide bread would be a great substitute – if not, any good white bread that’s fresh. If it’s not fresh or you’ve only got white sliced, then toast it first. 

Split the bread open to make a pocket.

Peel the egg(s), and chop or mash with a fork, spread on the bread, sprinkle on a pinch of ground cumin to taste, a scant dribble of olive oil – just enough to moisten it, not enough to ooze everywhere when you bite in, and then either the salt or the olives or both. 

I first had this in an isolated transport stop in the High Atlas mountains after a 14 hour bus journey – it was 5am in the middle of winter and this was heaven.


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