all a bit ‘cod’ apology

When I started this, I really thought that the blog part was going to be the easiest, ‘cos I pretty much thought of it like my own private diary, albeit online…and so when I realised that I kept on pulling posh grub out of the freezer, it felt a bit contrived and false – ‘cod’ – – why keep a diary if it’s full of lies? It is true that my haddock/monkfish tail/lamb neck fillet/1 kg side of salmon were all bought at massively reduced prices (some people save up for the January sales for clothes etc, I put aside £40 odd quid after Christmas for posh food that the supermarkets have overstocked with!) – but it isn’t the kind of thing a person finds and cooks every day. Anyway, lunched out the blog because of this – but then, when I logged back in, found ppl had liked my site and signed up to follow it – OH No! being crap in real life is bad enough, but now I’m doing it electronically and globally as well.
So, sorry, sorry, zorry.
The good news is, I have cleared out my cupboards of everything that I don’t buy regularly, I have kept to the budget AND EVEN IF THE MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT (Doh – Mr Simpson moment 😉 …….) I have managed to put £20 aside every week towards my ever spiraling ‘want’ list.
Even better news, have been given a second-hand cooker – which only cost £40 to get moved to my house – not installed yet but… and also found a handmade Persian carpet – I do love London, and it often seems like London loves me back:-)


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