cat slaves – posh food might be pants shocker :-)

Cat slaves out there – never mind telling people your cat will only eat this brand/that brand/chicken/fish/with jelly/with gravy – my cat didn’t like quite a lot of the posh brands, when other cat slaves donated various pouches to me, (although she’ll eat them if she’s hungry enough) – but she always will eat Lidl brand – so, maybe some of the posh brands are just yuck…my cat (the cat who allows me to be her human) is quite capable of being bossy and demanding to share my dinner – so I know she likes any raw meat, fish, prawns, avocado, curry goat (bizarrely), shitake mushroom, oranges, peeled grapes – yes, really, pasta,(in small quantities, I don’t want to kill her), cheese (ditto) etc – but, according to her,…posh cat food is often pants.
I am not advertising/advocating any one brand – I am sure other run of the mill brands are just as good, but some of the top end of the range do seem to be a rip off – it would be cheaper to buy frozen salmon!


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