perfect petal confetti

perfectpetalconfetti4blogThis post should properly be tagged ‘a bit girly’, and ‘not a recipe at all’ – however, I like to think of it as ‘waste not, want not’ 🙂
I’ve got lots of flowers growing in the communal part of the garden at the front of our little row of terraced houses – I don’t normally pick them unless I want to give a bunch to a friend– they’re mainly there for the insects and to disguise the fact I’m growing fruit and veg as well. At least one of my neighbours would probably complain if it started to look like an allotment 😦

The full on gale that we had last week in London blew quite a lot of flowers over and broke their stems, so I picked this small bunch of ranunculus for indoors. They last for a week or so in a vase, but the petals also dry really well – the colours mellow a little, but end up looking very sophisticated, and the best thing is, they are gossamer thin and still supple – they make brilliant confetti, lightly fluttering down just like the paper kind (only much posher and biodegradable.) 🙂
S, if you have some in your garden or you get given a bunch, you can extend their season of glory. Remove gently from the flower head, a few at a time, separate and leave to dry.
You don’t even have to wait to be invited to a wedding, they also look lovely scattered on a white tablecloth for a ‘make your guests feel a bit pampered and special’ meal.


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