Sweet Jasmine Tea – the holy grail

I am quite happy to confess to being a complete tea head (and vinegar freak) – English style builders’ brew, Chai Masala, Earl Grey, but most of all, I love Chinese tea, loose tea, mind you– I’ve even got a proper set of tea making paraphernalia, and several teapots.

The Chinese language usually uses the word soup for sweet infusions, or herbal tea for medicinal brews – tea proper is something separate. Having said that, my friend Yan Li in Shanghai, who is also a tea freak, usually drinks her jasmine tea with a bit of sugar.

One of my (many) guilty pleasures, instead of fizzy pop, is a bottle of chilled Jasmine tea, when I’m out shopping. Obviously that’s a sure fire way to blow my budget these days, so I’ve been experimenting with various amounts of sugar in cold tea, but it didn’t taste like the stuff from the shop.

But now I’ve cracked it – and the answer is Lyle’s Golden Syrup – apparently you can buy it in lots and lots of countries (but not in the USof A, sorry folks). Anyway, happy days……..


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