salad days

… my body is screaming for salad, even though first thing every morning this past week has felt cold enough to warrant a good old British fry up…anyway, apart from imported stuff – the rest of the world seems to be having its seasons in a timely fashion – homegrown vegetables are going to be a bit late coming to market, so the next lot of recipes will probably be a mixture of mezze, tapas, antipasti etc etc – things you can make with veg more commonly associated with spring and winter.
You wouldn’t adam and eve it, but there were loads of parsnips on the market last week. Yes, parsnips. In June.
I am also saving my fizzy water bottles and stocking up on sugar and unwaxed lemons, because by next week, it should be time to make elderflower cordial and elderflower fizz…only saying this now, so nobody thinks I just magicked up a store of bottles when I wanted to write a recipe 😉


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