Bargains…well, this might be a short piece…hmmm.
Obviously, this all depends on where you live and how much time you have. If remembering the prices of things in all the different shops seems an arduous task, just think of it as a mental work-out to help stave off the onset of dementia 😉 And if you haven’t got the time to hunt down the best bargains, then forgive yourself – time and busfare/petrol all cost money too.
Vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies and food intolerance all religiously read labels – it’s a very good habit to get into, especially as more and more GM ingredients are creeping into our food 😦 It is also quite sobering to read what additional gunk they pad things out with and how much they’re charging us for things that cost pennies 😦
The bargains in the UK page is just what I’ve seen in the shops near me – please feel free to let me know of anything I’ve missed.
The International page is a heads up when there’s a festival coming up – for example, I have to go to a different area of London for Hindu shops, so it’s useful to go around the time of Diwali(and have a nice day out 😉 )


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